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Rubber Foam

Silicone Crafts

Abstract: Panhong Chemical Co.,Limited, with professional silicone crafts factory, is a best silicone crafts manufacturers and suppliers. We are always at your service.

Material:                 Silicone
Size:                       customized (any size are available)
Color:                     customized (any color are available)
Material                  Polyurethane/ PU
Design                    OEM, as per your requirement
Logo                       customer's logo
Package:                Carton

We can supply different crafts,welcome to the customized.
silicone gifts, silicone products, such as
silicone mobile phone sets,
remote control units,
blowing the ball,
silicone cup / pad,
silicone wristbands,
silicone utensils,
silicone jewelry,
ice lattice / chocolate mold,
silicone toys,
toy tire,
silicone purse,
pacifiers and other (arbitrarily ordered silica art)


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